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Control Panel Fabrication & Calibration


At Land & Sea Instrumentation, our highly skilled team or instrumentation technicians and associated tradesmen work with customers to support the design and execute the fabrication of customized control panels to meet client's specialty requirements. Building customized control panels involves fabrication and arrangement of panel, tubing and instruments to meet your needs. All fabrication work is pressure tested and function checked prior to shipment or delivery.

Land & Sea offers complete calibration and function check services for most types, sizes and arrangement of control panels. Our instrumentation technicians, calibration technicians and mechanical support staff disassemble the control panels tubing and instruments for individual cleaning, testing and calibration. The team then reassembles each panel and thoroughly performs complete unit testing, calibration and necessary function checks.


Land & Sea maintains relationships with most regulatory agencies both onshore and offshore, that recognize the accuracy and integrity of our control panel calibration services. Services are normally provided in our Woodside facility (Dartmouth, NS) to ensure consistent testing conditions are maintained, however control panel services may also be performed at a customers site, where required. Certain conditions and exclusions may apply.

Land & Sea 25 Estates Road Woodside Industrial Park Dartmouth, NS B2Y 4K3 PH (902)461-2009 FX (902)461-0848