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Dartmouth, NS B2Y 4K3
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Valve Service Capabilities

Land & Sea Instrumentation is located in the Woodside Industrial Park, in very close proximity to both the Sable Offshore Energy Supply Base and to the Imperial Oil Dartmouth Refinery. Our Woodside lcoation combines our valve shop, calibration labs, valve & parts inventory warehouse and logistics office all in one 10,000-sf facility.


Our 5600-sf valve shop is equiped with a 10-ton capacity bridge crane with a 25' vertical lift height. Shop equipment consists of all equipment necessary for complete valve disassembly, cleaning, bead blasting, critical parts inspection, repair tooling, in-house machining and grinding, lapping, reassembly, testing, tagging and painting/coating of all types of industrial valves.


Our four shop and two portable test stands have been qualified for testing and approved by the National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspectors for testing all configurations and sizes of pressure relief valves up to "T" orifice, including conventional, bellows and pilot-operated valves.

  • Shop Air/Gas PSV Test Stand - 4000 psi AIr/Nitrogen
  • Shop Liquid PSV Test Stand - 1200 psi Water
  • Shop Steam PSV Test Stand - 1500 psi Saturated Steam
  • Shop Air/Gas/Liquid PSV Test Stand - 3000 psi Air/Nitrogen/Water
  • (2) Portable Air/Gas/Liquid PSV Test Stands - 3000 psi Air/Nitrogen/Water


Land & Sea has a 90-degree rotating shop hydrostatic test circuit, multiple portable test pumps and ANSI test flanges with a capability of controlled hydro testing up to 40,000 psi, and pneumatically testing up to 4000 psi to meet API-598 and ASME B16.34 valve test standards.


Our shop has a hydraulic test bench complete with a flow recovery circuit, and we maintain the capability of hydraulic pressure testing and flushing to NAS6 cleanliness standards. Pressure testing and flushing services are regularly provided for control valves, offshore control panels, wellhead modules and hydraulic hoses.


Land & Sea maintains a 12' Class I - Division I DNV Certified Offshore Container, and a 20' fully-equiped onshore portable containerized workshop, available for all on-site project or turnaround work. These workshops have been prepared so that they are ready for immediate use at all customer sites, and can be equiped with the following equipment.

  • 3000 psi Air/Gas Liquid Portable Test Stand
  • AVK Lift-Assist Device for In-Situ Testing Pressure Relief Valves
  • Shop Air Compressor and Glass Bead Cabinet
  • Lifting Equipment and Portable Crane
  • Portable Spray Painting Equipment
  • Portable Greasing/Sealing and Valve Repacking Equipment
  • Miscellaneous Work Benches, Power Tools and Hand Tools


Our in-house machine shop has the capability of performing all critcal activities for valve repair, actuation and modification, employing the services of a full-time interprovincial journeyman machinist. Additional machining, welding, heat treatment, non-destructive testing and specialty offshore coatings are also provided through qualified sub-contractors, as required.


Land & Sea 25 Estates Road Woodside Industrial Park Dartmouth, NS B2Y 4K3 PH (902)461-2009 FX (902)461-0848